Can you see what’s on the menu?

  Ever gone out for lunch or dinner, opened up the menu and thought “Oh no I’ve forgotten my glasses”, or worse “I just can’t read that” – if so, then you’re not alone! New research, commissioned by Magnivision reveals most (53%) over 35 year old glasses wearers would struggle when ordering food or drinks […]

7 Poems to Put You in a Better Mood

  Here at Foster Grant, we sell a vast array of reading glasses and we’re huge proponents of reading. We think reading can make a significant difference to people’s lives and we think that wearing reading glasses if you need them  can help you read more comfortably. Apart from providing us with information and entertaining […]

Reading Glasses FAQ

Here at Foster Grant, we have a huge reading glasses collection. Because of this, we regularly get questions about reading glasses. Some people just want to know what they are, whilst others have more complicated questions. With this blog post, we’re going to try to answer a selection of the most common questions about reading […]

Word Counts of the Most Popular Books in the World

If you’re a big reader then you’ve probably read a mixture of very short and very long books in your lifetime. And you’ve probably wondered how long some of your favourite stories are. But because time sometimes slows down or speeds up when we’re engrossed in a good story, it’s very hard to compare the […]

Reading Glasses and Sunglasses Face Shape Guide

  Image source – Licence Perhaps the biggest obstacle when buying glasses online, is working out which kinds of glasses will suit you. If you’re considering buying a new pair of reading glasses or sunglasses, then it might really help you to consider matching the shape of your reading glasses to the shape of your […]

Holiday Reads: Epic Novels that will Last the Whole Holiday

We have so much to choose from in our reading glasses collection here at Foster Grant that we thought we should recommend some books to go along with them. It’s getting close to summer and many of you will be heading away to somewhere sunny for a week or two – and the readers among […]

Guide to Reading Glasses

  If you’ve found your way to this article, then chances are you suspect you might require reading glasses. The signs are clear (especially if your vision isn’t!). You may be wondering whether you need to get reading glasses just yet, or if you can hold out a while. If so, check out our Do […]

Time To Take A Fresh New Look At Timeless Classics

The sunglass designer Foster Grant® takes a fresh new look at timeless classics with the launch of its latest 2017 collection for him and her.  Classic frames styles such as the cat eye, vintage square, retro club and aviator is reinvented with the latest on-trend colours, materials  and  inspired detailing. The bold and modern shaping […]

Winter Sun Protection And Style

  We all know that sunglasses are fundamental in protecting eyes from the sun, as well as making you look good at the same time. The ultra violet rays released by the sun can damage our eyes throughout the whole year, even when the sun isn’t shining, so make sure you always have a pair […]

New Styles added to Magnivision Collection

A great range of new styles have been added to the Magnivision collection, a stylish selection of new men and women’s reading glasses that takes its inspiration from the very latest fashion and optical trends. There’s an outstanding choice of contemporary and classic styles to cater for different looks and occasions that feature the latest […]