Where can I find the best trendy glasses frames?

Are you looking for some trendy glasses frames that will make you feel like a million pounds? Seeking some fashion-forward frames suitable for a multitude of occasions – including, perhaps, a long day in the office and a more sophisticated night out in the evening?

Foster Grant stocks a selection of trendy reading glasses and lenses in a range of magnifications suited to many different ocular prescriptions. Whether you require some sun readers for your next holiday or you’re searching for something a bit more understated, then look no further than Foster Grant, where quality eyewear and beautiful glasses frames are both just second nature.

Who are Foster Grant?

Foster Grant are among the most reputable eyewear manufacturers across the globe, with over 80 years’ experience of producing contemporary eyewear that not only looks great but also provides medical assurances.

A major plus point of choosing Foster Grant is that you don’t need to pay a fortune to acquire some quality lenses or frames. Furthermore, with the goalposts constantly being moved as the team at Foster Grant innovate and bring new eyewear technology to the market, customers are now receiving a better product than ever that is both affordable and high-quality.

Where did it all start? Foster Grant was founded in 1929 in the United States as a quality sunglasses manufacturer. The business has grown significantly in the 20th century as the brand has released new product lines and reached out to a wider customer base.

Foster Grant are perhaps most famous for their prominence within the film industry after being worn by many a star of the silver screen. Their advertising slogans were globally recognised in the 1960s, with experience in the industry and a reputation that has never ceased to impress customers.

In 2018, Foster Grant continue to push the boundaries of eyewear with a team of skilled designers creating sunglasses on the forefront of style and trendiness. The company also makes lenses that are suitable for any aesthetic.

What types of glasses frames does Foster Grant sell?

Foster Grant sell a wide collection of sunglasses, reading glasses and rimless reading glasses for men, women and children in a plethora of trendy glasses frames that are suited to many a different occasion.

Foster Grant’s achievements here range from kitting out all you chic fashionistas with sophisticated and classic eyewear frames to creating sunglasses and lenses suitable for sporting use with a more athletic aesthetic. Furthermore, not only are Foster Grant’s lenses great on the eye, they are also practical, lightweight, and affordable.

Take a look below to discover some of the lenses and trendy glasses frames available at Foster Grant and discover the right pair of glasses for you. They are available in a multitude of prescription magnifications, too.

  • Fashion

Foster Grant’s fashion range is inspired by a wealth of cultural standpoints from catwalk to runway, celebrity looks, and iconic and classic styles that have never lost their timeless appeal over the course of a century.

Both lightweight and affordable, our fashion sunglasses and reading glasses create that element of style and aesthetic that simply can’t be found with other brands. However, before we take a look at some of our eyewear, it’d be wise for us to inform you about some of the health benefits that Foster Grant glasses can bring you.

All of our sunglasses are created to deliver 100% protection from UV glare, meaning that your eyes can be protected from the sun at all times.

Our fashionable sunglasses are also available in a range of classic styles and frames – from standard matte, chunkier designs to beautiful and historic tortoiseshell modes. Our Gold Coast 5 frames, available in styles for both men and women, perhaps best exemplify our fashion range.

Featuring a wonderful tinted lens and a milky white, black tort frame, these glasses hark back to the days of 1970s Paris, acting as eyewear that provides effortless chic for any wearer. If you’re looking to find yourself something a bit different, the tortoiseshell, speckled frame style creates a quirky addition to your wardrobe, whatever the occasion.

  • Sport and active

The sport and active range from Foster Grant offers touchstones of quality, with men’s and women’s sunglasses made for the track, field and golf course. It’s important that, when you’re trying to remain active and physically fit, you possess all of the correct equipment and clothing to complete your goals.

Purchasing a pair of trendy glasses frames from Foster Grant’s sports and active range provides you with eyewear that is aesthetically pleasing while also practically made for running and excursion.

Our sports and active frames come in a selection of sleek, streamlined styles built for facial comfort and an athletic style. Boasting coloured lenses that provide 100% reflection from UV glare, these frames make those summer morning jogs or exhausting marathons that little bit easier.

Let’s look at arguably one of the most popular products from the sports and active range and perhaps one of the most aesthetically pleasing of the range: the Excursion Red. The Excursion is the perfect piece of sportswear and eyewear rolled into one.

Bestowing a masculine and streamlined sporty frame, these semi-rimless lenses provide 100% protection against UV rays. Experience the pleasure of the wrap-around frames and coloured lenses with the Excursion Red men’s sunglasses today.

  • Rimless glasses

Rimless reading glasses are perfect for those customers seeking something slightly more lightweight and durable at an affordable price. Our rimless reading glasses provide something a little different from the trendy glasses frames of the sports and active range but make up for it with durability.

Rimless glasses are renowned for being more stringent under pressure and in adversity, meaning that they are more likely to withstand damage if sat on or squashed in a coat pocket. This solid attribute creates a suitable choice for customers who want some reading glasses that are quick to apply and not too much hassle.

The AL 12 M is a popular rimless reading glasses model, coming equipped with its own handy case. These sleek lenses are perfect for business or corporate use and provide that ease of vision when you seek to analyse documents or look at a screen.

Available in a collection of dioptres from +1.00 to +3.50, these lenses are suitable for a wide range of wearers, whatever the quality of your vision. If you’re unsure what the best dioptre or magnification is for you, it’s always a good idea to consult an optician to find the correct dioptre for your eyes.

Finding the correct dioptre will enable your lenses to feel more comfortable while simultaneously improving your vision.

When can I wear my Foster Grant glasses?

There really is such dramatic scope when establishing the best events at which to wear your Foster Grant shades and reading glasses. Owing to the expansive collection of styles and both fashionable and sporting ranges, Foster Grant provides technically-minded and health- and fashion-inspired lenses for everyone.

Our sun readers are obviously most suited to occasions when there’s going to be a lot of sun. You knew that already, but the polarised lenses of our sun readers are also perfect for use when you want to combat your eyes against blinding winter sun while driving or out and about.

Additionally, our sun readers lend themselves perfectly to use on ski resorts as a means to shield your eyes from the penetrative glare of the snow. Failing to protect your eyes against sunburn to the eye, otherwise known as ultraviolet keratitis, can lead to a very painful few days while on holiday.

Furthermore, the trendy glasses frames of our reading glasses lend themselves to an expansive list of occasions both morning and night. With understated eyewear that is most suited for the office and fashionable lenses perfect for a sophisticated evening on the town, there’s no doubt why Foster Grant has become such a go-to source for optical protection and eyewear products.

Are there any health benefits of wearing Foster Grant glasses? 

There are many health benefits of wearing Foster Grant sun readers and reading glasses, and protecting your eyes against the sun and potential strains that occur in old age is an intelligent move to make.

Studies have proven that most damage to our eyes occurs in the formative years of our lives, before the age of 18. This is a natural progression caused simply by the sensitivity of our eyes through their development. This isn’t so much an illness but more a natural human symptom of living.

Nonetheless, this damage does not need to degenerate your eyes throughout your life as much as it normally would if you didn’t have lenses. Our sun readers are available in a selection of trendy glasses frames and safeguard your eyes from painful conditions like eye strain, ultraviolet keratitis and – in more serious scenarios – glaucoma as well as cataracts in later life.

Wearing Foster Grant sun readers will protect your eyes from 100% of UV glare while making it so much easier for you to read your favourite books by the pool. As for our standard reading glasses, the benefits are there to be seen.

It’s important that you are honest with yourself about your eyewear needs, without ruling out the possibility that glasses might be a feasible and ultimately necessary option for your eyes. As old age hits, you may start to experience symptoms of long- or short-sightedness otherwise known as presbyopia.

Failing to wear reading glasses when focussing your eyes can lead to faster degeneration, further eye strains, and headaches and nausea that can arise through excessive exposure to blurred vision while reading.

Why choose Foster Grant over other manufacturers?

There are many reasons why you should choose to wear and purchase Foster Grant sunglasses and reading glasses over other brands. For what is fast approaching 100 years in the eyewear industry, Foster Grant have consistently provided trendy glasses frames fitted with the most innovative eyewear technology.

All of this has been provided at a price remaining consistently affordable for the brand’s loyal customers. We provide a happy middle ground, mixing affordability with quality, fashion-forward eyewear design that simply can’t be understated.

You may find other eyewear manufacturers who provide in particular areas, but if you’re looking for an eyewear product that excels in every area, then Foster Grant is your go-to brand.

You may be considering purchasing a more expensive pair of sunglasses from another brand. The truth is that, in a matter of months, these glasses will likely be out of trend. Foster Grant constantly release new lenses and trendy glasses frames to suit the fashions of the time.

This, coupled with the cost-effectiveness of our glasses, makes shopping at Foster Grant a worthwhile practice to which you can revert in a time of eyewear crisis.

Who can wear Foster Grant’s trendy glasses frames?

Our stylish glasses frames are suitable for everyone. Whether you’re a man, woman or child, there’s a pair of Foster Grant frames for you. It doesn’t matter what age you are and what style of life you lead – we cater to aesthetics that we know will suit you.

That said, we always advise that you check carefully before purchasing glasses for very small children. Discover the essential range of Foster Grant trendy glasses frames today; they are available in a multitude of dioptres suitable for vision correction.

Foster Grant are the leading stockist of trendy glasses frames for men, women and children, whatever their style or aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for some sun readers or a pair of rimless reading glasses, our stylish lenses protect your eyes from 100% of UV glare as well as safeguard your eyes against symptoms of presbyopia and eye strain.

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