Discover trendy reading glasses at Foster Grant

There are no limitations when perusing the awesome collection of trendy reading glasses available at Foster Grant. Whether you’re in need of some polarised sun readers for your holiday vacation or you require something simple and astute for a workplace setting, we deliver reading glasses that ooze quality and contemporary style and offer eyewear that is both durable and cost-effective.

Our reading glasses have been a staple of the eyewear industry for over 80 years, and we have continuously made use of the latest eye technology and modern design to develop products that are on the forefront of trends and medical prowess.

What are reading glasses?

Simply put, reading glasses are eyewear designed to make reading easier for the wearer. How do they differ from standard glasses? Reading glasses are mostly used by people suffering from presbyopia, otherwise known as long-sightedness; this condition affects many people over the age of 35 and is extremely common.

As we get older, our eyes – like many muscles in our body – deteriorate, so it becomes more difficult for us to read at close distances or from afar. This deterioration occurs when the cornea no longer has the elasticity to reflect, in the way it once did, light that enters the eye.

This imperfection means that light is reflected from the eye in a way that causes vision to blur slightly. Reading glasses combat this by providing a magnification within the lens that reduces the problems associated with long-sightedness.

On the face of it, reading glasses don’t look much different from your standard eyewear and are available in many different styles and frames, as well as suitable for many occasions at Foster Grant.

Our trendy reading glasses are available in classic men’s and women’s styles and provide ample solutions to your reading issues. They also provide a stylish option for casual use when you are relaxing at home or in a professional workplace setting while you are analysing documents.

Additionally, you should consider taking a look at our e-readers. An e-reader is a suitable product for a user who spends a lot of time looking at computer screens.

Who are Foster Grant?

Foster Grant are trusted providers of quality men’s and women’s eyewear across the globe and have been a leader in the industry since 1929. Gaining fame in the 1960s for close associations with Hollywood, film stars and the silver screen, Foster Grant have a fashion-forward but practical approach to eyewear.

During that period, Foster Grant gained a lot of traction and popularity with glasses users who were fed up with ugly, prescribed glasses and wanted something a bit trendier.

Stocking eyewear in a range of modern and classic styles, Foster Grant take influence from the past, present and future, developing eyewear that really pops. Furthermore, when we say pop, we really do mean pop! Our eyewear provides first-class medical solutions for numerous eye issues while also enabling you to look and feel like a million pounds for any occasion.

Foster Grant have always strived to ensure quality while maintaining an affordable product for the company’s loyal customers. Taking into consideration the cost-effectiveness of the reading glasses, sun readers and rimless glasses on offer, it’d be worth you picking up pairs for various occasions. Want something casual? Something corporate? Something glamorous?

What types of reading glasses do Foster Grant sell?

Foster Grant sell a variety of trendy reading glasses, available in a selection of contemporary styles and colours, for both men and women. With products suitable for a number of different occasions, you are simply spoilt for choice when admiring the huge array of high-quality reading glasses available from the Foster Grant online store.

Our reading glasses are disguised in the sense that you would never know they were, in fact, reading glasses unless they were closely inspected. You can read about our sun readers, standard reading glasses, microreaders, Magnivision range and many other pieces of eyewear below…

  • Microreaders

These are an established staple of the Foster Grant reading glasses collection, with their understated style suitable for both men and women. The lightweight reading glasses are compact, durable and affordable, meaning that they can easily be fitted into a top or trouser pocket, allowing for quick application and removal when reading is necessary.

Microreaders are a full frame piece of eyewear, meaning that they pass all of the tests to establish them as reading glasses. Available in a range of sultry colours like teal and deep pink, our microreaders are suited to men and women looking for something understated and easy to use.

Equipped with state-of-the-art spring hinges, the Foster Grant microreaders offer a sumptuous and comfortable fit with their scratchproof lenses and optical magnification technology that provides distortion-free vision while you are reading or analysing documents on-screen.

Although small and contemporary, microreaders are certainly trendy pieces of eyewear. Nonetheless, they arguably lend themselves best to a more corporate or office-based setting where eyewear fashion needs to be kept at a minimum.

  • Sun readers

The Foster Grant sun reader provides the best of both worlds, combining all of the suitable elements that come with standard reading glasses and fusing those elements with the tinted lenses of your favourite sunglasses.

Our sun readers are perfect to use when faced with the glare of the sun, but are suitable throughout all four seasons when you are attempting to combat other forms of glare such as winter sun and low-lying sunrises.

Sun readers offer a stylish approach to your holiday eyewear and are available in a multitude of sophisticated styles and framing models that take inspiration from contemporary styles as well as Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot-inspired tortoiseshell styles of the 1950s and 1960s.

The Foster Grant range mixes contemporary design with postmodern culture while incorporating modern technology to protect your eyes from UV glare. Sun readers are made using polarised lenses responsible for deflecting the horizontal rays of the sun that bounce off the ground and swimming pools and, in this way, cause you to squint.

The deflected rays allow you to see clearly while in the sun and read without trouble. The benefits of wearing sun readers are enormous, as well as suited to preventing eye strain, ultraviolet keratitis and further eye deterioration caused by sun damage. Foster Grant sunglasses can protect your eyes from 100% of UV rays.

  • Magnivision

The Foster Grant Magnivision range prioritises fashionable trend and optical style, with products available for both men and women. Each pair of Magnivision reading glasses comes equipped with its own convenient case, meaning that they can be applied simply and efficiently and carried around in pockets when needed.

Available in a wonderful range of colours, framing and magnified prescriptions, our Magnified reading glasses are suitable for a whole host of occasions, whether you’re in need of some casual but statement office eyewear or you’re looking for something a bit more glamorous for an evening occasion.

The Magnivision range includes anti-scratch coatings on all of the lenses – with optical quality, distortion-free magnification lenses that provide a conclusive alternative to prescription lenses.

Choose your magnification according to your vision. If you’re looking for more accurate magnification, then it would be at your discretion to visit an optician. However, it’s worth trusting Foster Grant, as we have been an innovative presence in the eyewear industry for over 80 years.

Our Magnified range offers trendy reading glasses with a modern approach while developing practical technology that solves any issues you might be having with reading.

When can I wear my reading glasses?

Foster Grant reading glasses are suitable for many different occasions and activities, and can mostly be worn by the wearer anywhere, anytime. To get the best benefits from your trendy reading glasses, you obviously need to wear them while reading.

This will provide you with better vision while reading and can also slow down the depreciation of your eye that would likely occur if you continued to strain your eyes and ignore your symptoms.

Additionally, our sun readers are perfect for time spent on holiday, gloomy days and ski slopes, as well as wherever there’s a possibility of UV glare from the sun. Maybe you just want to sit in a corner and look mysterious wearing your shades? Our reading glasses are perfect in that context, too.

In addition to the practical uses of our reading glasses, our eyewear provides a wholesale opportunity across social and business events as well as more glamorous evening occasions where you want to show your best self.

When driving while wearing reading glasses, it’s always a good idea to take care to ensure that your vision is not skewed by the effects of the glasses. However, mostly, your reading glasses can be worn on any occasion, providing a cheap, versatile option to which you can keep returning whenever you need them.

Are reading glasses trendy?

This is a question that we are often asked, and the answer we always give is that Foster Grant’s eyewear certainly is.

Many customers associate reading glasses with medically-prescribed lenses that are distributed on a one-size-fits-all basis. However, at Foster Grant, we operate differently and take inspiration from modern trends to create trendy reading glasses that act like reading glasses but don’t look like those stereotypical lenses to which you have grown accustomed.

We’re constantly looking for new ways to better our products and incorporate better eyewear technology into our lenses while simultaneously releasing new models based on the latest eyewear trends and silhouettes. This means that we always stay at the forefront of the eyewear industry.

Don’t consider yourself bookish for wearing reading glasses; these glasses can often give off a sense of mystique and sophistication that can’t really be found in other eyewear. We create reading glasses that are built for the wearer rather than the other way round, providing a selection of trendy reading glasses styles in many different colours, palettes and jazzy designs.

What are the benefits of wearing reading glasses?

In addition to looking extremely stylish and fashionable in your Foster Grant reading glasses, there is an enormous number of health benefits that come with regularly wearing your reading glasses when you need them.

It’s said that, generally, once we hit the age of 35 to 40, our eyes will start to slowly deteriorate; this is why many older people often require glasses. This is a natural process of the human body and shouldn’t be a worry; however, there are many ways that we can slow down the deterioration of our eyes.

Wearing reading glasses when you require them can reduce your chances of experiencing eye strain and symptoms of presbyopia. Furthermore, our sun readers may look like your standard sunglasses but act as safeguards against dangerous UV glare, ultraviolet keratitis, cataracts, glaucoma, and eye strain.

Of course, some of the issues mentioned in the previous sentence are at the worse end of the spectrum, and only a small percentage of us will experience symptoms of these eye illnesses. However, studies have shown that, before we hit our 18th birthday, our eyes have already absorbed around half of the UV rays that we will endure throughout our lifetime.

This is because, when we’re younger, our eyes are still developing and are more sensitive to the power of the sun. Safeguarding your eyes against the likes of UV glare and long-sightedness is the perfect move to make when taking your future eye health into account.

When looking for fashion-forward, trendy reading glasses, don’t look past Foster Grant’s collection of contemporary eyewear today.

The contemporary eyewear and trendy reading glasses in Foster Grant’s collection are perfect for protecting your eyes against 100% of UV glare, eye strain and the long-term symptoms of conditions like long-sightedness. Our eyewear mixes innovative eyewear technology like scratch-resistant, distortion-free lenses with modern styles and colour palettes to provide reading glasses that work for you.

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