Trendy men’s glasses available at Foster Grant

Here at Foster Grant, we understand how difficult it can be to find the perfect pair of trendy men’s glasses. There are many things for you to consider when purchasing some eyewear. Firstly, there’s the expense of the purchase, then you have the style of the glasses. Then, once you’ve bridged this gap, you’re required to purchase the correct glasses for your prescription.

Fortunately, we stock an amazing selection of trendy men’s glasses that are perfect for all men whatever your style and whatever prescription you require. We provide eyewear that is suitable for a whole host of facial shapes. This article will give you invaluable insight into the inner workings of Foster Grant and offer you advice surrounding the best glasses purchases if you are shopping for men’s sun readers and reading glasses.

Who are Foster Grant?

Foster Grant is a hugely respected name within the eyewear industry and across the world; we are renowned for bringing high-quality, affordable and contemporary focused glasses to the market year upon year. After our company’s foundation in 1929, our brand became synonymous with movie industry on the back of many actors and actresses wearing fashionable glasses from Foster Grant.

Any brand that has been around for almost 100 years must be doing something right, and it’s clear to see why, at Foster Grant, we have had so much success when you analyse the products that we currently have on sale.

We stock a multitude of eyewear products for both men and women, covering a whole range of reading glasses, sun readers, rimless reading glasses and a funky collection of statement glasses frames, e-readers and more understated options for a more business or corporate-minded approach to your eye game.

Owing their success to a fashion-centric design team and some of the most innovative eyewear technology on the market, our team have delivered trendy products that are perfect for the likes of eyestrain and long-sightedness as well as other conditions that arise through exposure to sunlight.

Specifically, the men’s sun readers from Foster Grant protect your eyes from 100% of UV glare in the face of sunlight while also providing eyewear perfect for reading and looking cool all at the same time.

What type of trendy men’s glasses do Foster Grant sell?

There are a few different types of men’s glasses available at Foster Grant, and this section is here to tell you all about them and give you a rundown of some of the best.

Do you need something a bit practical or simply for reading or at work? Maybe you’re set to run a marathon, and you want a sportier pair of glasses to complement your sporting look? We have a collection of reading glasses and men’s sports sunglasses perfect for any type of man, whatever your style or requirements.

Take a look below to find out more about some of the men’s products available at Foster Grant, from reading glasses to those streamlined shades.

  • Reading glasses

We stock an appealing collection of men’s reading glasses apt for a broad variety of occasions. Our product range is expansive, with products like sun readers suitable on holidays or ski resorts or for protecting your eyes from the sun, as well as standard eyewear and frames for more casual, day-to-day settings.

On the list of men’s reading glasses, we come first to the wonderfully understated Thompson glasses from Magnivision. These full frame glasses with a rectangle frame are a versatile piece of eyewear meant for use with day-to-day business reading, analysing documents on screen, or simply times spent out with the family.

These minimalist glasses also come with a handy case that lets you store your new eyewear safely without needing to worry about potentially sitting on them or damaging the frames. Furthermore, as the Thompson glasses are offered in a range of dioptre magnifications – so, depending on the strength of your prescription, we’re sure that Foster Grant can cater for you between dioptres of +1.00 and +3.50.

Magnivision reading glasses are also lightweight, affordable and extremely durable, including an essential distortion-free, magnification lens with anti-scratching coatings to create that perfect eyewear essential.

If standard reading glasses aren’t deal for you, then why not take a look at some of the men’s sun readers that are available at Foster Grant? Our sun readers are perfect for escaping the powerful glare of the sun while on holiday and ensuring that you can enjoy as much comfort as possible while on holiday.

Our sun readers have all of the aesthetic qualities of your standard sunglasses and are available in a range of contemporary and stylish frame and coloured lens variations. The Branson sun reader from Foster Grant is suitable for unisex use, featuring a polarised lens that deflects 100% of UV rays, helping ensure that eye strain and squinting is non-existent.

Sun readers can go a long way in safeguarding your eyes against harmful eye degenerations later on in life such as cataracts and glaucoma.

  • Sports glasses

Next on the list of trendy men’s glasses available at Foster Grant is the sports and active range. Our sports glasses come equipped with coloured UV protection lenses as well as modern and stylish frames that provide a streamlined option when you are playing or even watching sport.

The slick approach to sporting design performed by the Foster Grant team has allowed us to create innovative sports sunglasses perfect for even the most amateur or experienced of sportsman. So, whether you want a kick about with your mates in the park or you’ll be running the London marathon, then our glasses are a solid choice.

There’s no need for you to pay through the roof for your sports shades when you can achieve the same success and experience the same quality from Foster Grant.

Foster Grant is one of the most trusted names in eyewear for good reason. We have brought sports products like the Power Play Red to the market, developing a product that is simply unignorable if you’re looking to improve your eyewear game.

The Power Play Red features a semi-rimless frame to create that streamlined and aerodynamic aesthetic that is necessary for sporting activity. The wrap-around frames can help ensure your comfort while you are taking part in sports, giving you confidence that they won’t fall off during activity.

The rubberised wings of the shades provide improved grip for comfort, with the powerful red colourway oozing class and professionalism. If the Power Play Red isn’t for you then why not consider the Pulse BLK YLW? This is for the sports shades enthusiasts who prefer a larger lens.

These semi-rimless, wrap-around frames are the pinnacle of trendy men’s glasses inspired by space-age futurism and sporting achievement. The Pulse BLK also protects your eyes from 100% of UV rays while you are playing sport, so your performance will be improved through vision as well as eye protection during play.

Are Foster Grant’s glasses stylish?

Our expansive collection of trendy men’s glasses means that there’s always something for everyone, whatever your style or requirements might be. You can always be sure that our products are fashionable, on-trend and fitted with the best and most innovative technology for your eyes. We pride ourselves on our talented and experienced design team.

We’re constantly on the forefront of men’s fashion and planning for the next trend so that we can be the first on the market with the “in” look. However, in our online store, you will find not only trendy eyewear but also a multitude of classic styles.

From sultry and sophisticated 1950s-style frames to more futuristic and grungy frames, our glasses traverse the decades, bringing you styles inspired by celebrity and catwalk culture. You can enjoy not only the stylistic trends of our eyewear but also warm colour palettes and edgy tortoiseshell and speckle designs across our glasses frames. Don’t have any doubts that your reading glasses aren’t trendy when purchasing from Foster Grant.

When can I wear my Foster Grant glasses?

There are a few different places where you can wear men’s glasses, and it’s not necessary to stick to certain shades for certain occasions. Once your glasses arrive with you, they will include specific health information regarding when and when not to wear them – but, ultimately, you can wear your glasses most of the time.

Studies have shown that wearing reading glasses continuously does not damage the eye – and, more so, protects the retinas from further degeneration. This means that, whether you’re wearing your sun readers on your Mediterranean escape or in the middle of December, there is simply no discrimination as to when you can wear your favourite frames.

Spruce up your eyewear at a corporate event or family party and add a bit of casual sophistication into your life.

What are the benefits of purchasing my men’s glasses from Foster Grant?

Purchasing trendy men’s glasses has many different benefits, and this section will tell you just a few. First things first, let’s talk about the health benefits involved with our glasses. If you’re suffering from eye strain or long-sightedness, it may be the case that you require some reading glasses. When you finally come to terms with the fact that you require reading glasses, it can be an unsettling feeling.

Thankfully, Foster Grant’s glasses are available in a multitude of prescriptions to suit both the weakest and strongest prescription requirements. With this in mind, wearing your Foster Grant reading glasses and sun readers provides benefits when considering the reduction of eye strain, headaches or nausea that could otherwise result from excessive blurred vision. Constant eye strain can lead to further eye problems, so it makes sense to purchase reading glasses from Foster Grant.

Other benefits include that our glasses are affordable, durable and fashionable. These three criteria of eyewear quality can’t be achieved with any other eyewear brand. The affordability of the glasses means that you can easily refresh your style whenever trends demand it.

The huge scope and selection of different trendy men’s glasses on offer mean that there’s something for all men, whatever their eyewear needs.

Do I need a prescription to wear Foster Grant glasses?

Having a prescription is not wholly necessary when purchasing glasses from Foster Grant, but it certainly does help. Our sun readers and reading glasses are available in numerous different magnification dioptres, and it’s important that you purchase the correct prescription strength for your eyes. Failing to purchase the correct prescription can mean further adverse symptoms and problems for your eyes.

If your current reading glasses are giving you hassle with blurred vision, painful headaches or even just a small sense of blurriness, then it may be the case that you have the wrong prescription. Booking an eye test with your local optician is quick and simple, and will lead to your vision being assessed by a series of easy tests.

The optician will then accurately give you your prescription, so you can be assured that you’re purchasing the correct lens strength when purchasing from our online eyewear store. This will not only save you money in the long run but also provide you with the confidence that you know our glasses will be perfect for you whatever style they may be.

Our dioptre magnifications are available across our rimless reading glasses, standard reading glasses, and sun readers, with those magnifications ranging from +1.00 to +3.50 across some lens models.

Foster Grant deliver a multitude of trendy men’s glasses in a range of styles and dioptres perfect for men of any aesthetic stylisation. If you’re looking for standard reading or rimless glasses, some sun readers for your summer holidays or even some sports glasses for your weekly jog, our eyewear is the best on the market.

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