Discover trendy glasses at Foster Grant

If you’re looking to give your eyewear a significant makeover, then it would be wise for you to check out the amazing selection of trendy glasses available at Foster Grant. With various styles, prescription magnifications, reading glasses and sun readers available, Foster Grant stock eyewear for men, women and children.

Whether you’re suffering from eye difficulties caused by long-sightedness or you’re simply looking for some trendy glasses frames to wear to work or for general day-to-day use, we guarantee that you’ll be able to find a style of glasses to suit your needs. Foster Grant’s glasses are cheap, durable and always on-trend.

Who are Foster Grant? 

Foster Grant are a stalwart of the global eyewear industry and have been stocking quality eyewear for just under 100 years. Since 1929, the team at Foster Grant have developed an expertise for eyewear as well as a reputation for fashioning innovation and technology into their products while also maintaining affordable prices for their range of durable products.

Over the course of the 20th century, Foster Grant grew into a symbol of Hollywood chic, providing glasses and eyewear to the stars of the silver screen. Older readers might especially remember the Foster Grant of this time for their iconic advertising slogan, “Who’s that behind those Foster Grants?”

After developing a reputation for quality, Americana-inspired eyewear, Foster Grant have become a reputable source of inspiration for people seeking trendy reading glasses, the most contemporary eyewear styles, and multi-purpose, fashion-forward lenses that mix technical eyewear solutions with on-trend looks.

In 2018, Foster Grant continue to push the boundaries of eyewear and remain, to this day, one of the leading eyewear brands across the globe. With Foster Grant selling a selection of reading glasses in varied styles and colourways from sun readers to rimless styles, there’s something to satisfy anyone’s aesthetic as well as any occasion.

Additionally, Foster Grant sell trendy men’s glasses, e-readers and on-trend women’s fashion statements across a delectable collection of frames.

What products do Foster Grant sell?

Foster Grant’s online store stocks a range of trendy glasses for men, women and children. With glasses available in an inclusive collection of prescription magnifications and colour schemes, customers can choose glasses that match their prescription while benefitting from a glasses brand that develops contemporary styles and statement pieces.

If you want some reading glasses for home or work, some eyewear perfect for evening occasions, or simply some UV-protection sun readers for your next holiday adventure, Foster Grant has you covered. Here’s just a small glimpse at some of the styles and products available across our online store.

  • Trendy reading glasses

Explore a selection of reading glasses for both men and women at Foster Grant. This eyewear is available in modern styles and a diverse collection of frames to suit a plethora of tastes and aesthetics. Our reading glasses are suitable for all ages – so, whether you’re an esteemed and sophisticated older woman or a young, trend-focused influencer, we’re sure that our products have spanned many a generational divide.

We offer reading glasses that you can effectively use at work or home while reading or analysing on-screen documents. Additionally, our sun readers provide multi-purpose solutions for those days spent reading by the pool. Mixing all the hallmarks of standard shades, our polarised lenses protect your eyes from 100% of harmful UV rays while also providing prescription magnification to make reading by the pool, looking at delicious menus, or simply reducing glare that bit easier.

  • Trendy glasses frames

We understand that, when you think of prescribed reading glasses or standard frames, you can often assume that any form of style of fashion must be sacrificed in favour of a more medically-focused lens.

However, it doesn’t matter whether you’re suffering from eye strain or presbyopia, or simply having trouble reading at close range. Our glasses take influence from some of the most iconic and contemporary trends around, with sophisticated tortoiseshell trendy glasses frames, sleek and bold business-minded eyewear as well as those quirky frames for those special evenings out and about.

Take a look through our collection of trendy glasses frames and pick a style that works for you.

  • Trendy men’s glasses

Are you a man searching for some high-quality and affordable eyewear? Looking for something a bit more fashion-centric than the norm? Foster Grant stocks a multitude of trendy men’s glasses perfect for many professional, social and evening occasions.

From standard reading glasses to stylish sunglasses or rimless specs, there are many different framing and lens styles from which you can choose. You may need some bifocal reading glasses or some polarised sun readers for your next holiday excursion. Whatever the eyewear you require, Foster Grant has everything covered with durable glasses that can make you feel confident in yourself and your vision.

Do I need a prescription to wear Foster Grant glasses?

It’s not vitally necessary to know your prescription before purchasing some Foster Grant glasses, but it certainly does help. Our products are available in numerous different prescription magnifications to suit a variety of widespread and common eye issues, such as long-sightedness or eyestrain.

Choosing the incorrect magnification could actually damage your eyes further with regard to your reading glasses, so it’s always a good idea to visit an optician and attain a simple eye test prior to purchase. The eye test will equip you with all of the relevant information regarding the health of your eye and allow you to pick the perfect product from Foster Grant.

Don’t let your eye problems get you down. With Foster Grant, you may even consider them beneficial. Enabling you to kit yourself out with contemporary frames and trendy, fashion-conscious eyewear designs, our glasses – including both sunglasses and reading glasses – are cost-effective, durable and suitable for casual and formal occasions.

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