Adding a new sense of style with red glasses frames

When you visit your optician for the first time, it can be a scary experience when you are diagnosed with either being long or short sighted. After all, no one likes being told that they are losing their vision, and it can be quite frightening when you realise how much of the world is truly out of focus.

Not only that, but the arrival of glasses can seriously change up the shape and appearance of your face. Older glasses frames were commonly made from wire, springy cable temples or thick and chunky metals or plastics. These were not usually available in the most inviting colours, and often arrived in prosaic black, or uninspiring mud or copper-tinged browns. The idea of wearing these uninspiring glasses, unless you like indulging in vintage trends, is not particularly attractive to many modern day shoppers. After all, with the arrival of sleeker colours, such as tortoise, marble and the combination of darker outer-frames, combined with neon or bright inner-frame finishes, you will find yourself looking vibrant, no matter which style you pick.

Once you have picked your frame, then it is important to speak to your optician about the colour of frames that you want to invest in. This is because, if you are going to only buy a single pair of glasses, you will want the frames to look suitable at all sorts of occasion. However, your optician (and their company) may also be offering seasonal or discount deals on buying 2 or 3 pairs of glasses (with or without tints), if you choose to pay upfront.

No matter whether you need to buy a normal pair of lensed glasses, bifocal, trifocal or progressive lenses, you should always look bold and ready to impress your colleagues with your new look. This is why 2019 should be started correctly, with the right pair of red framed glasses for you. In the cold months of January, whilst the weather may be bland and grey, your style doesn’t need to suffer as a result. Red glasses frames are a great way to add a little variation into your outfits, without having to turn your wardrobe into some sort of homage to a rainbow! Instead, you can remain understated in your outfit colours, but add a crucial sprinkle of unique style when you show off your crimson frames.

Red framed glasses can really highlight your eyes and the contours of your face, so there is truly nothing to worry about when you first are prescribed glasses. Glasses can be expensive, if you do not know where to look for the cheaper options, so you should always make their appearance count in favour of your image, rather than allowing it to “dull” down your look.

Will my new glasses affect my appearance?

If you are not used to wearing glasses, or their frames, you may be concerned about how they affect your overall look. After all, the different frames you can choose from will not change the dimensions of your face, but may influence how it appears to others. You may be worried about whether or not your glasses make your face look bulky or even hide certain, stand-out features, such as your eyebrows, eyes, and the top of your cheek bones.

If you are concerned that your new glasses and their frames will detract from your natural beauty, you will be relieved to know that these fears often stem from old “nerd” archetypes, and are completely unfounded. Many frames, including red frames, can be designed with either thick outer rims, whereby the style is purposefully chunky, creating an intellectual appearance, or with sleeker, subtler metal rims, making your glasses look laid-back, to practically non-existent.

Glasses can, of course, also be a fashionable asset for your face, and are designed to suit any facial shape. Here are the best ways to use a spectacle frame to enhance your appearance


Owners of oval faces are very lucky, as they will usually suit any sort of glasses frame. These can be bigger, thin, or as adventurous as you like! This is because people with an oval face tend to have softly rounded foreheads and chins, as well as fairly balanced proportions. Try looking into some brighter colours, such as bright red frames, if you truly want to make an extroverted statement.


For those with a heart-shaped face, there is a high chance you will have a wide forehead, but have narrower features at the chin. If you want to offset the wideness of your forehead, then feel free to choose frames with a wider angle for their lenses. You may even want to consider finding an exaggerated brow line, such as a crimson cat-eye or a ‘Club’ frame style.


Generally, the rounder face is shorter, with distinct features of a wider forehead, full cheekbones, rounded chin, and a pleasantly softer jawline. With the width and length of your face both in near perfect proportion to each other, your face is naturally much less angular. For this reason, rounder frames, featuring a delicate shade of red, will draw attention to the natural symmetry of your face. The rounded frames will also enhance your softer features, and you will avoid any contrast to your face shape by staying away from hard edges and bold lines.


The Square Face is another that’s usually proportionate in its width and length. However, you may find yourself with a broader forehead and an extremely strong jaw too. If you are concerned about the length of your face, then your glasses can make your appearance look longer. To offset these strong features, why not look into narrower frames? Ensure that they are angular, and you will have no problem complementing your most distinct features. 


For rectangular faces, you may have a deeper forehead, longer, thinner nose, as well as a stronger or broader jawline. If you have this sort of facial shape, then be sure to find some frames that have a strong brow line that are in a square shape. If you end up buying circular, rounded or softer frames, then this may clash with your angular features. They may, instead, end up looking ill-fitted for your face.


Triangular Faces will normally feature a wide jaw and quite a narrow forehead. If you want to add some additional width between the narrower part of your face, then it would be wise to go for a frame with a strong brow line or a cat-eye shape. This will really help to emphasise your eyes and cheek bones.

Will red frames really suit me?

Red frames come with a fantastic ability to suit almost any skin type and appearance. No matter your skin colour, red will always present you with a bright, vivacious colour that highlights your cheek bones. However, it is entirely up to you to choose the shade you want your red frames to be. Should you choose a darker tone of red, then this can really highlight your facial features, especially if you have strong cheekbones or an angular jaw. However, if you go for a brighter tone of red, this can be a true, stand-out, fashion statement.

Modern day frames are available in one distinct shade, duo-tone, or even a combination of three colours! Clashing colours have become a fashion statement, and you may thusly discover a quirkier selection of glasses that apply dark red, bright green or blue for either the rim of the glasses or the lens frame. However, you should not be intimidated by this, as other frames apply a blended look, using different light and dark tones of red. This can either give your glasses a soft metal finish, or an immersive saturation of colour.

Overall, you have full control over which red frames you choose for your appearance. Be sure to try as many variations as you like when you are at your opticians, and feel free to ask for advice from your family or the staff regarding whether or not the frames truly suit you (or otherwise!) The staff may even be able to additional frames, if they have in-store catalogues offering a range beyond what’s already on display. 

What sort of outfits can I combine my red glasses with?

Luckily, red is the sort of colour that can be combined with the majority of other tones. As long as you avoid bright blues and greens, then red will truly compliment your outfit and any colours you bring into it.

Consider you fashion style and what sort of look you normally wear. Do you like to keep your fashion subtle, laid back or completely stylised? Your glasses can either make or break your natural style, so be sure to pick the correct colour tone of red, and its material, to flatter your appearance and fashion style.

If you are interested in creating a contrast between a darker-coloured outfit, such as a black work dress, then your red frames will become a focal point for others to look at, especially if you combine it with bright red high heels. That way, you will catch everyone’s attention – from you face to your feet. This can be a fantastic for keeping your style subtle, yet still fashion focused.

If you are looking for a quirkier style of glasses, then consider investing in some bright red spectacles that can add a dash of colour to your outfit. Overly bright glasses can give you a youthful appearance, and are perfect if you prefer a casual look. However, if you are looking for ‘hipster’ appeal, consider looking into two-tone glasses that will provide an instant colour clash, for dramatic effect.

Can I turn my glasses into a festive asset to my outfits?

Of course! During 2018, red frames for glasses became a popular buy during September to December. This was because of the arrival of October, and then winter, and the colder months of darker, more dismal weather. So, instead of opting for black or brown spectacles, try and brighten up a rainy day with a more colourful outfit. If you experience SAD, because of the lack of light, then wearing brighter colours, from your flamboyant, red frames down to your shoes, may give you a small boost that will help you through the dark days ahead.

As autumn and winter are also seasons of festive fun, then adding a pair of red glasses frames can be a fantastic addition to any potential costume or holiday themed outfit. In autumn, Halloween will require you to find a costume to either wear at a themed party, or potentially go out trick-or-treating with your children. Not only can a crimson pair of glasses make your face look stunning and passionate, but, when combined with a spooky, Halloween-theme, this extra touch of vibrancy can make any vampiric or ghostly-pale costume look terrifyingly gorgeous! However, this is only by achieved by doing what red glasses frames do best – all year round – highlighting the natural beauty of your cheekbones and eyes.

Christmas is another fantastic holiday, ready-made and gift-wrapped for wearing your red glasses frames. If you want to make your red frames a surprise during the holiday period, then you can invest in two pairs of frames, one for the year and another as a surprise for any festivities. Red frames exude warmth, and will complement any red woolly jumper, Santa costume or slinky Christmas party dress. If you really want to add a little more dazzle, however, you can have them customised to include sparkles, rhinestones, or even add a little tinsel around the rims, to really get your frames ready for the festivities.

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