Can you see what’s on the menu?


Ever gone out for lunch or dinner, opened up the menu and thought “Oh no I’ve forgotten my glasses”, or worse “I just can’t read that” – if so, then you’re not alone!

New research, commissioned by Magnivision reveals most (53%) over 35 year old glasses wearers would struggle when ordering food or drinks from a menu without their reading glasses, with nearly half (47%) struggling with the combination of small font sizes and ambient lighting. So what happens if you forget your reading glasses?

Responding to the research results, Magnivision have gone to a typical British pub to offer reading glasses to pub goers who were struggling to read a menu, which had been edited to resemble an eye test. In fact, the research showed most (52%) glasses wearers aged over 35 would find it handy if a restaurant stocked backup glasses, in case they forgot theirs. So this is a call to action to not only encourage people to go and get regular eye checks, but also to venues to help those who have forgotten their reading glasses.

Celebrity chef Phil Vickery commented, “Eating out is one of life’s great pleasures and it’s a shame if struggling to read the menu is diminishing this experience. It can be incredibly frustrating and mildly embarrassing trying to make your choice if you have poor eyesight”.

Magnivision trialled it’s reading glasses in one pub but is keen to encourage the wider pub and restaurant sector to offer reading glasses, as they’re the most popular places to use reading glasses, outside the home and workplace. But they’re keen to not stop there in encouraging other businesses to consider reading glasses, with banks (50%) and theatres (42%) following closely behind as the top venues for needing reading glasses.

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