Winter Sun Protection And Style



We all know that sunglasses are fundamental in protecting eyes from the sun, as well as making you look good at the same time. The ultra violet rays released by the sun can damage our eyes throughout the whole year, even when the sun isn’t shining, so make sure you always have a pair with you at all times.

In winter, the sun is very low and can dazzle or create harsh glare, when driving, walking, on or near water and of course on ice & snow.

We have an effective range of highly efficient all-weather sunglasses that reduces glare and enhances definition and visibility in all environments and off all surfaces including water and snow. Lightweight frames offer durability and are long-lasting. Wrap-around impact resistant UV400 1.0mm Polarised lenses provide high visibility and striking colour contrast.

Our drivers’ sunglasses counteract the dazzling effects of the sun, harsh glare and reflection from the roads by enhancing definition and visibility and improving colour perception which in turn reduces eye fatigue.

And of course, all Foster Grant sunglasses guarantee 100% UVA and UVB protection in all light conditions.

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