National Sunglasses Day and UV Protection for the Eyes


Given the harm that the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can do to our eyes, it is essential that adults and children wear proper eye protection while outdoors, whether it’s sunny or cloudy and regardless of the season or time of day. At Foster Grant, we know that sunglasses continue to be one of the most effective tools for preventing immediate and long-term UV damage. A pair of sunglasses offering 100% protection, like all styles in the Foster Grant collection, will block UVA and UVB light.

Over-exposure to ultraviolet light, such as a day at the beach without proper eye protection, can cause a temporary but painful burn to the surface of the eye, similar to sunburn. Reflected sunlight from snow and water, and artificial light from sunbeds, can also be particularly dangerous.

Always avoid looking directly at the sun as it can permanently scar the retina, the area at the back of the eye responsible for vision. Another risk to eyes is skin cancer, which can affect the eyelids and area around the eyes. Long-term exposure to the sun can increase this risk.

Foster Grant is committed to supporting National Sunglasses Day, held each year on June 27, to spread awareness of the importance of UV protection for our eyes. It is not only an observance but a reminder that our shades are a health necessity and it is important to wear sunglasses to protect our eyes and healthy vision.

The Importance of Protecting Children’s Eyes

• 80% of eye damage from the sun takes place before the age of 18
• Children have less natural defence against UV…their ocular lenses cannot filter UV light and prevent it from reaching their retinas as effectively as adults’
• Early protection is critical…over a lifetime, cumulative damage from unprotected UV and blue light exposure can lead to eye diseases and conditions that impact healthy eyes and vision

Choosing Sunglasses

The most important considerations when choosing sunglasses are UV protection, fit and comfort. Sunglasses that aren’t comfortable or don’t look good won’t be worn. Always choose sunglasses that conform to the European standard EN ISO 12312-1:2013 and are marked CE. They should block 100% of UVA/UVB light, usually indicated by a label on the glasses verifying UV400 protection. All Foster Grant Kids and adult styles have our MaxBlock ™ lenses which guarantee the best level of protection.

In addition, ensure that sunglasses are durable and have flexible frames that fit snugly and are comfortable to wear. Check that they do not let in any sunlight.

Larger frame shapes will give added coverage and protection to the delicate skin area around the eyes. Those with wider temples will also give some protection to the sides.

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